Friday, 22 May 2009

wee update

Just thought id write an update about how things were going, since my visit from Dave, Its opened my mind up more about what goes on in the ten minutes before the race and Ive been trying to work out when and who comes into the market at what times and trying to spot repeat trends happening and keeping records of the information I am gathering.

When I spot a trend I am putting a trade in, but until my confidence builds I am using £2 stakes, the good news is that I am beggining to see much clearer trends and when I load up a race I am trying to predict before hand what price a favourite will settle at, which Is giving me more confidence to get my entry points right!

So for so good and I am getting in right about half the time!

So for now I am happy to sit and watch and be more selective about my trading until my confidence grows further! will update again soon

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  1. hi Paul how are you getting on?