Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Day with Dave

Well I thoughtI should write up a review of my day with Dave.

Its not going to be too long winded but more a quick overview of what we went through.

The day was really tailored to suit me and any question I aksed was ansered in double quick time with a live example/demo of what I aksed.

Anyone who traded on friday would have noticed that that markets were very very stable, good liquidity and good quality races, so there werent many swing trading opportunities to be had, which was good because my main problem was scalping believe it or not.

To start with we went in depth about course grades, and race grades and what to expect at different course and types of race classes in relation to liquidity and what punters were likely to do, we also covered form and how to read a race a properlly and anticiptate what to expect and what opporinioties to look for in every type of race, I now buy a racing post every day - Its alot easier to look at than using the web site and I can now load up a race and have a plan in place ready to put into action and even more so what to do if it does not happen.

We then covered the timing of entry and exits points and I can clearky see money coming in and out and in again and the market settling down which has helped me with my entry and exit points, we covered the betfair graphs and how to use them and read them properyl and also the bet angel ladders and scalping tools and how to read and use them properly, and then I watched dave trade for about half the day and in the latter part I traded whilst dave watched over me, the big thing that I noticed is that I now have more confidence in stable markets to leave orders in longer and wait for my order to be filled instead of backing out of the order for the loss!

All in all it was well worth it and I would highly reccomend it to anyone!

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