Saturday, 2 May 2009

good resource and update

Its been a while since I actually sat down and not only wrote on the blog but traded.

I have had a busy week with my mother moving house and my Cab needing a lot of work to pass its strict certificate of compliance (taxi MOT) which has meant going to body shops, auto electricians and council yards - on top of that I have not been sleeping so getting all my chores done in the morning meant I was coming back really tired and I never trade when I am tired, but all the work is out the way and I can now focus on trading again!

I was readin other blogs and the bet angel forum and I wanted to read a few books in my spare time that other bloggers and forum users suggested and short of spending a a lot of money to purchase these books I remember reading the paper during the week regrading class lawsuits against google in that they were publishing books on there google books site withougt prior permission, given that google are now worth £100 billion I think this was no drop on the ocean for them and they have agreed in principle a royaltee structure for authors and publishing houses whos work is on the google books site, so this morning I set about look for a coup0le of titles and easily found them:

here is a link to the search for anyone not used it before:

and I looked for trading in the zone, and it came up straight away:,M1

A book on political betting with lots of reference to betfair:,M1

The science of financail market trading:,M1

Anyway, thought this would be a useful post if anyone does not already know about it, equally if anyone is aware of other sites like google books post a comment and let me know.


All tthere in black and white a freely available to read on your pc/notebook/tablet at your leisure!


  1. Paul, thx for the post regarding Google Books......
    Ive imported a couple of books but how do i access them to read.


  2. Hi techboy,

    Not all the books in google books are readable or some only have some chapters - but there are a good few full books there as well.

    As for importing, I never imported any books at all just simply read them on the google books page which looks to have an inbuilt reader?

  3. if you dowload google book reader and use that it alows you to save them off line to read as pdfs!

  4. Good find.

    I've been thinking of ordering 'Trading in the Zone' for a while now but you've saved me the hassle (and the money)