Thursday, 7 May 2009

good but room for improvement

Today at the start if the day I felt I could not put a finger wrong and it was hard not to make money, but as the day wore on it got harder and harder I felt, dont know if the liquidity was drying up a bit, anyway

I alos noticed today on certain races huge back bets coming in and send ing the pirce steaming in, which took me from a green up to a red up! certainly made me more cautious!

I returned a few quid using 50p tick sizes and after being away for a few days I think thats ok! I was on course for 10% return on my bank today, but came in just under! so more of the same the next few days please!


  1. Hi,

    Crongatulations for your blog, I'm french and I trade on football, I'm looking for a strategy or method to trade on horse racing. Can you help me please ?
    If you learnt courses about betfair trading, why don't you bet or win more ?
    Thank you.

    PS: sorry for my english spoken.

  2. Hi Luco,

    Thanks for the comment, if you read my blog you should get some pointers in there, but I must say its very limited as my experience is also very limited, there is no hard and fast way to learn trading apart from throwing some money in the market and studying, reading watching vidoes and going on courses, I am what you way an extreme novice and only now I am startting to get thrings right and make very small profits.

    as for not winning more or using more my bank is very small, I wish to build it slowly and with confidence I will use more money in the future

  3. Hi Paul could you tell me the cost of a days personal mentoring with dave raybould please and is it worth it.keep up the good work.

  4. Hi

    The cost if the training with dave is dependant on the location you are at, Dave works out a rate that is tailored to you, and last year when I used dave I got a years sub to betangel thrown in, I have not discussed price with dave as yet this time round as we know each other pretty well and whatever dave charges me on friday I will be ok with, Because it is definetley worth the money! What you should bear in mind is that the betangel course is £400, but there are around 15-20 persons on the course, to have an expert like dave at your personal disposal for the day gives you a chance to ask as many questions as you like and you get him all to yourself!

    In short, contact Dave through the Betting exchange academy for a price, but can defo say it is well worth it, Carl Harris has a blog also and recently had a day with Dave, hes wrote a small review on his blog about his day with dave: