Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Things looking up!

I started Yesterday with another £50 bank and made good progress, all right not a huge sums but I was more disciplined and not letting things go in running and scratching more trades quicker.

I decided to be more selective about my trades and instead of trying to trade every single breakout on the graphs I waited until the big money came in and only traded those price movements, I was going to try and use stop losses yesterday but decided I needed to learn to do without them and managed a full day without letting a trade go in play, which is a first for me.

It's often said on other blogs and video's that doing nothing is doing something and yesterday I just waited and waited until I saw an opportunity and acted on it, there were a couple of races I could not see an opportunity on, and just sat it out altogether which is a first for me as well!

There were a few races where I was not fast enough to act on a price movement and instead of getting in mid way I just left it and moved on to the next race....I find it harder to spot opportunities to trade large field handicaps where its really diffculut to see a potential favourite or loser and these are the races I could not trade yesterday, I am sure through time I will be able to spot something in these races but for now I am happy to sit them out. Patience really is a virtue.

Ive always drunk from a half full glass so I am looking forward to today and see if I can push myself a wee bit further!


  1. A 12% return on your bank is pretty good.

  2. I suppose it is! hopefully can keep it up!

  3. In theory if you were trading with a £1,000 bank then you would have been looking at £120 profit for the day, not bad for a few hours in front of your computer!

    Like you've said it's about keeping it up, I'm in a similar situation to yourself where I'm trying to get my head around the whole pre race trading thing but I'd see any profit of my bank over 10% as being a good day.

    Good luck anyway.

  4. hi scalper! Your absolutyely right in terms of percentage gain when you work like that and when I build my bank up wot £1000 there is no reason that the 12 return cant continue if I keep picking the the correct races and so forth! ps good post on the 2.5 goals market! its something ive dabbled in in the past and when I start making good money on the horses I think I may have a go at the footie in the evenings as well!