Sunday, 29 March 2009


For me subject field of this posting is what the last 3 days have been like, and apart from my lack of experience I put it down to tiredness, as some of you may know I am taxi driver just down and work nightshift to allow me to trade during the day, but latley as with everything in the economy just now the trade is suffering, so much so so that I am having to work much much longer hours to make any kind of living at all, to show you how bad things are (this will give you an idea of how bad the economy is) about 6 months ago I could make on a friday night after expenses £300 for 12 hour shift, this friday I made £70, and that was on a pay weekend for most people who get paid at the end of the month, so you would expect to it to be busy!

I know this deviates from the topic, but it ties in with what experienced traders will tell you, you really have to be in the zone and focused on your work, if you are tired like me, (well shattered) you will make rash desisions and leave trades open for longer which is exactly what I done over the weekend, I knew when I woke up late on Saturday morning that I should not have traded, and the same on sunday, btu even though I lost money, I actually still learned - the mistakes I made only re-inforced what I was beggining to understand about trading, you have to a half fulll glass all the time, not just in trading, but in life in general I think to make this work!

I have to work again tonight but will hopefully finish early enough to get a good nights sleep and take things a bit easierduring the week, and hopefully be more in the zone!

I have often thought about another job and could easily go and do something else and something a lot more challenging, but that of course would not allow me the freedom to trade (or learn to trade) so the challenge continues and this week should see some more positive results once my batteries re charge!

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