Thursday, 26 March 2009

down a wee bit again!

Not much to to say today other than being a a few pounds down again over the last couple of days, mainly from yesterday - I really struggled yesterday as it I felt that there was not a lot of money in the markets and no great price movments, which meant just as I fired an order in and expected it to take of the price was quickly settling back in the other other direction meaning I kept getting small losses, the lesson learned however was to look more at not just the graphs, but the WOM and Momentum meters at the same time I think this will come with time and experience -Just now I find it difficult to remember everything to look at in the correct order when placing a trade, great thing about betangel is that all the information is there to help you make the right trade but it takes plenty of practice to read it all at the same time!

Just read that betangel is sponsoring tonights card at wolverhampton! I am gutted I cant trade it, so will just have to settle for reading other traders experience of tonights card! hopefully you all get some good green up!

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