Monday, 20 April 2009


I have been using the new charting candle sticks for a few days now and its certainly helped with my ability to spot better entry and exit points, but even more so thanks to Mark who sent me a message a couple of weeks back I have been combining this with analyisis of the betfair chart and been looking at support and resistance levels in the chart in the 10 mins up to the race and I have been getting better and better at getting in and out at the right times, I feel this is a major milestone and a definate lightbulb moment, in fact the biggest breakthrough I have had in a while and I cannot believe I had missed this part of the jogsaw for so long, I had no idea just how much information was in the betfair graphs and in all honesty was not using them at all, just try to follow the money!

It seems that the prices and trends are getting more predictable for me as a novice and for the first time I dont feel like a small fish in shark infested waters and I am able to feel my way around a lot more.

if anyone reading who had been through this could perhaps tell me that I am hitting on something?? even if not, its done wonders for my confidence, when you have half an idea whats going on I now find that scracthing trades is becoming more natural!

So I am going to play around with £2 stakes and try to get my strike rate up and start making small consistent wins!


  1. Glad to see you're making progress, I seem to have some good trades and then it all goes against me in a few bad moves.

    I don't use graphs either as I'm not really sure what I'm looking for but if it works for you then let me know what it is you're doing if it's alright with you.

    I've subscribed to the Timeform site for a 7 day trial for £5 to see if that helps, I was reading back through John O'neills blog and he studies the racing card and sees where he thinks the horse will move from that, I've managed to find a few good moves from using it but I think it's something you could over analyze and see things that are not there.

  2. Hi Scalper, I will be monitoring the markets for the next few days to see if my new found inforamtion works! I will keep you updated in due course! but so far so good