Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Getting better

Its been a while since I posted a P an L shot - but over the last 2 days I seemed to have made great progress only using £2 stakes, its not a greaty amount to win but I think it shows that using that charts more seems to prove that it gets a bit easier to spot trends and get in and out of the market at the right time!


  1. hey Paul well done on the new charts and getting the hang of it gradually. I'm still very much in the learning curve and I've tried to read the candlestick charts but don't really understand how to make sense of them. How do you use them to spot the trends, what sort of shapes or stuff should I be looking for. I'm using two pound stakes and a twenty five pound bank, but I keep having to top up after a stupid trade dents my profits. Good luck cheers, Dennis

  2. Hi Dennis,

    If you go to the betangel you tube siet which is:

    look in their 'favoutited video' section and you will see videos from other users on how to work with candlesticks, you tube has lots and lots of information on candlestick charts.

    Personall I now use the candlestick charts alsongside the orignal betfair graphs on 10 second refresh - the candlestick chart is like the betfair graph only much more detailed, it takes a while to get used to the candle sticks but its worth sutdying how they work, please bear in mind that I am exremely new to trading as well the candlesticks and my methods may not be the best! but the candlestick chart tutorials are certainly worth a look and they can also be found at this site:



  3. Many thanks, Paul - I'll check that info out and try to burn the candle at both ends! Good luck with your progress. Cheers, Dennis

  4. Jimmakos has some good posts on his blog about using charts.

    I bought a book awhile back called Technical Analysis for Dummies but left it half way through as I thought Peter Webb would have gone into more detail about it on his course but he didn't mention the subject at all, I've been getting back into it over the past few days.

  5. Hi Scalper, Dennis

    The Jimmakos site is indeed brilliant, I have also learned alot from this - Scalper the methods for charting analyisis I have been using I have picked up from the Jimmakos site and they seem to be working, so will keep going for another few days, but yesterday using a £25 bank I made £5, I will put up the P an L screenshot later - it was all small consistent wins with the occasional larger loss, there is definetley mileage in what jimmakos talks about!